Jenn's Priorities

On Public Health:

Jenn is a public health scientist whose research focuses on rural access to healthcare. She has worked in emergency management assisting fire, police, hospital, and municipal organizations to strengthen their ability to respond to disasters. Jenn understands how much work our healthcare system needs, particularly in rural communities. The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified gaps in our healthcare system, and further revealed an urgent need to expand telemedicine, including internet and broadband access, in the rural communities of SD8. As part of the Senate, Jenn will use her expertise in public safety and public health to expand the vital healthcare systems in our community and ensure that every family has access to affordable healthcare.  

On Education:

Jenn understands the profound effect that a well-funded public education can have on a child. As a young person, Jenn struggled with a lack of resources at home, but because she lived in a well-funded school district, she found herself surrounded by caring adults who wouldn’t let her potential disappear simply because of lack of money at home. Jenn credits her  K – 12 education with providing her with the love of learning, resilience, work ethic, and sense of wonder that built her career. Once in office, Jenn will fight to make sure that all children, regardless of where they live, have access to a well-funded public education. 

On Jobs & Economic Development:

In the State Senate, Jenn will work with NH’s business and education leaders to expand vocational training, apprenticeship opportunities and worker retraining opportunities while supporting the needs of working families. As we begin to reopen, it is important that we address the ways that the pandemic has affected job security and employment in NH.  Jenn is committed to strengthening early childhood education and family medical leave, and expanding broadband internet for new 'work from home' realities…all efforts endorsed by business leaders in the Granite State, that are even more necessary in these unprecedented times. In the State Senate, Jenn will work to make NH’s economy, and our working families, even stronger. Jenn opposes a sales or income tax.  

On Fiscal Responsibility:

Growing up without resources, but carefully managing opportunities, Jenn has been able to slowly emerge into middle class. Jenn understands that fiscal responsibility is a key component of a well-managed government. Jenn believes there are opportunities within the current state budget to better align resources with programs that will ensure financial viability for New Hampshire’s future without adding to the financial burden
of Granite Staters. 

On the Environment:

New Hampshire has a long history of environmental leadership.  In recent years, many states across America have been asked to step-up state level efforts to reduce carbon emissions, transition to renewable energy, embrace clean transportation and implement “smart-grid” technology. Experts agree this sector could create thousands of good-paying jobs. In the State Senate, Jenn will work across party lines to establish New Hampshire as a leader in this renewable economy while fighting to mitigate the impact of climate change.  Jenn has always stood against Northern Pass.